Chopper LTD Marvel Snowboard - 120
  • Chopper LTD Marvel Snowboard - 120

  • $169.95


Hook your action hero up with Burton’s ultimate kid’s board, complete with a limited edition Marvel® Comics graphic.

*2015-2016 Model*

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·       BEND: Flat Top with Easy Rider

·       SHAPE: Twin

·       FLEX: Twin

·       CORE: FSC™ Certified Fly®

·       FIBERGLASS: Biax™

·       BASE: Extruded

·       ARTIST: Marvel® Comics [] © 2014 MARVEL

·       KEY FEATURE: Sure the Avengers movie was nuts, but that crew has been stomping bad guys since your parents were trading lunchboxes and baseball cards. This graphic celebrates these superheroes by featuring art from Marvel’s vintage comic book covers.


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