Genie Snowboard - 142
  • Genie Snowboard - 142

  • $224.99


Designed with learning in mind, this is the closest thing to having a friend hold your hand while you cruise down the hill.

*2015-2016 Model*

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·       BEND: Flat Top with Easy Rider

·       SHAPE: Twin

·       FLEX: Twin

·       CORE: FSC™ Certified Fly® 900G Core and Squeezebox Low

·       FIBERGLASS: Biax™

·       BASE: Extruded

·       FEATURES: The Channel™ and Easy Rider Edge Tune

·       EXTRAS: We recommend riders downsize 2-4cm from the board size they normally ride.

·       ARTIST: Holger Lippmann []

·       KEY FEATURE: Artwork through algorithms. A healthy balance of predefined and random parameters allows German artist, painter, and digital dominator Holger Lippmann to combine code with color maps, creating a graphic that resembles a psychedelic assembly of lily pads.


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